We are The Deliberate Group!

We are not just adapting to the ‘new normal’; we are crafting a ‘better normal.’ Founded by seasoned executives Wendy Burner and Matt LeDuc, our mission is to awaken the latent potential in leaders and teams in the remote workspace, creating a ripple effect of effectiveness and positivity. With experience leading a hybrid company that spans 28 states, 400+ locations, and 3500+ employees, we know what it takes to build and manage thriving teams.  We know that hybrid and remote employees can be as effective or even more effective than the old-fashioned in office workplace.  We want to show others how to do this.

At the core of our leadership style is a relationship-oriented focus. We firmly believe that business is not just about transactions, but about building enduring relationships grounded in empathy and trust. Positivity is the lifeblood that fuels our approach, empowering every individual to become an integral part of a winning team. We’re growth-minded, not just in terms of numbers and reach, but in the personal and professional development of each member of our team. For us, success is a collective endeavor—when one of us wins, we all win together.

Wendy brings a wealth of expertise in business leadership, marketing, and hospitality, embodying our values of excellence and integrity. She believes that every project is a new opportunity to foster connection and relationships, and her strategies have turned visions into tangible successes. Wendy’s diverse background gives her the ability to organize people and processes to accommodate each client’s unique needs.

Matt, on the other hand, comes from a strong foundation in sales, logistics, and team building. His keen sense of empathy and trust has been instrumental in creating teams with positive experiences and exponential growth. Matt excels at bridging gaps, whether it’s between management and staff or between a company’s vision and its on-the-ground operations.

Our journey began with leading a healthcare company to unprecedented heights—expanding to 28 states, launching 400+ locations, and achieving a staggering revenue in the nine figures. These achievements didn’t come easy; they were the result of deliberate actions fueled by a positive attitude and an undying spirit of optimism.

So, if you’re looking to transform your remote workspace into a landscape ripe with limitless possibilities for meaningful interaction, effective leadership, and synergistic teamwork, you’ve come to the right place. At The Deliberate Group, we see a future where the energy and optimization we bring transcend screens, creating an atmosphere of engaged purpose and passionate pursuit. Together, let’s craft your ‘better normal.’